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What is the process of hemostasis?

Homeostasis works to stop blood flow when there is a break in the blood vessel. First there is platelet plug formation where leukocytes of white blood cells stick and clot to ( Full Answer )
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What are the three steps of hemostasis?

the three steps of hemostasis are :-. (1) vasoconstrictiion. (2) blood platelet plug formation. (3) coagulation of blood
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What causes hemostasis?

Hemostasis is when the blood is outside the body by way of aninjury. The vessels constrict and cause clotting to stop thebleeding.
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What is the cause of blood vessel spasm in hemostasis?

"Initiated by endothelial injury and caused by local and humoral mechanisms". Other helpers such as thromboxane, platelets releasing prosaglandin and neural reflexes all aid i ( Full Answer )
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What are the three phases of hemostasis?

The 3 stages of hemostasis are: 1) Vascular Spasm where there is a high resistance to blood flow as arterioles leading to the damaged area vasoconstrict. 2) Platelet Plug: is ( Full Answer )
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What does Hemostasis lead to?

coagulation, or the formation of a blood clot,which turns into scab if it is on the outside of the body.
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What is the difference between primary hemostasis and secondary hemostasis in blood coagulation?

Primary hemostasis is the overall sequence of events that leads tothe formation of a platelet plug, while Secondary hemostasis is thesignal transduction pathway that leads to ( Full Answer )