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Who was Daddy Warbucks' henchman?

The Asp, an Asian karate masterBuhnjaab, a tall Sikh male who seems to have telekinetic powers If you are referring to the crossword puzzle hint, try THEASP.
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Henchman in Tolkien's work?

In Tolkien's works there is a clear example... for example the wizard Saruman has a henchman called Grima. In the broader pickers the whole race of 'orcs' can be seen as Hench (MORE)
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Who was Capone's henchman?

nitti    The worst of the wise guys got it? Take it from a Sicilian.
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What is another word for Henchman?

abettor, accessory, accomplice, adherent, adjunct, aide, ally, appointee, apprentice, assistant, attendant, backer, backup*, bodyguard, coadjutant, coadjutor, cohort, collabor (MORE)