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Was Henry Hudson Henry the navigator?

No. Henry the Navigator was the monarch of Portugal in the middle 15th century who sent off many Portuguese expeditions of discovery to Africa and India. Henry Hudson was actu ( Full Answer )
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What was Henry Henry VIII talented at?

When he was a young man Henry was a great dancer, musician & composer. He was also great at sports (he invented a new sport that was similar to tennis). He also enjoyed huntin ( Full Answer )
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Who were Henry Fitzory and Henry Carey?

Henry Fitzroy, Duke of Richmond (1519 - 1536) was the illegitmate son of Henry VIII and his mistress, Elzabeth Blount. He died when he was 17. Henry Fitzroy was the only ac ( Full Answer )
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What is a Henry?

A henry is the unit of electrical unductance, the inductanceinduced in a circuit by a rate of change of current of one ampereper second.
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Is it Henry IV or Henry VI?

It depends... both of these Kings were written about by Shakespeare. Henry IV is Henry the Fourth Henry VI is Henry the Sixth Henry Fourth begins with the death of Richard I ( Full Answer )
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What was Henry the religion of Henry the eighth?

He was very much catholic. Henry the 8th created the church of England only to become head of the church to divorce his wife Catherine. The church of England had all the aspec ( Full Answer )
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When do you use 'Henry and me' not 'Henry and I'?

We say Henry and I know each other, but Joe introduced Henry and me. " and Henry" should be used if this group of words describe the object of the sentence. For example ( Full Answer )
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Was Henry VIII Henry Tudor?

Yes, but Henry Tudor is more known as Henry VIII's father Henry VII. Tudor is just the last name, so either way both Henrys are Tudors.
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Was Patrick Henry Henry married?

yes he was married he married to Dorthea Dandbride and Sarah Shelton. Sarah Shelton was his first wife but she died with the birth of child. Cool right?