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Who was Henry Clay and why did he want the country to go to war?

Henry Clay was a 19th Century Kentucky politician who served as Speaker of the House 3 separate times. He is known for writing the Missouri Compromise and the Compromise of 18 (MORE)

What was the difference between Andrew Jackson and Henry Clay?

Henry Clay was a leader in the Whig Party  which was founded in opposition to Jackson's Democratic Party. For one thing, the Whigs favored  re-chartering the Bank of the Uni (MORE)

What viewpoint did Henry Clay have about the Union?

Henry Clay's viewpoint about the Union was that the Compromise of 1850,(California becomes a free state) would upset the balance between free states and slave states,which con (MORE)

Who was Henry Clay and where could I find a biography?

  Born on April 2, 1777, in Hanover Couny, Virgina, Clay served as a speaker of the House of Rpresentatives from 1811 to 1821 and 1823 to 1825. He also served as the secre (MORE)

What do Henry Clay have to do with Federal government?

Henry Clay was an influential member of the National Republican (Whig) Party and Speaker of the House, and got John Quincy Adams and William Henry Harrison elected president. (MORE)