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Did Henry Clay have children?

Henry Clay had 11 children and was married to Lcretia Hart. Thier names were Henrietta, Theodore, Thomas, Susan, Anne, Lucretia, Henry Jr., Eliza, Laura, James and John.
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What do Henry Clay have to do with Federal government?

Henry Clay was an influential member of the National Republican (Whig) Party and Speaker of the House, and got John Quincy Adams and William Henry Harrison elected president. (MORE)

Why was Henry Clay named the great compromiser?

Henry Clay, who was called the Great Compromiser, didn't really have one specific say on the slavery issue. His nickname was given to him because he was the kind of guy who wa (MORE)

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Why is Henry Clay important?

Henry Clay (1777-1852) played a central role on the stage of  national politics for over forty years. He was secretary of state  under John Quincy Adams, Speaker of the Hous (MORE)