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Who is Andrea Grimes?

Andrea Grimes is a "Feminism Extremist" that advocates radical,  unorthodox practices. She is based in Austin, TX and contributes to  the RHRealityCheck blog, a socialist, a (MORE)

How do you get grime off windows?

  I asked a professional window washer what he used as a cleaner. He uses the dishwashing liquid Dawn. Says it cuts right through the grime that builds up on the outside o (MORE)

What did the scientist whisper to rick grimes at the end of The Walking Dead?

His exact words are revealed in the final episode of season 2 so if you have not seen that this is your spoiler alert. MEGA HUGE SPOILLER DONT READ He tells everyone they are (MORE)
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What did Gary grimes die from?

US actor Gary Grimes (The Summer of '42) was still alive in late 2011, having celebrated his 56th birthday on June 2, 2011.
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Where is Gary grimes now what is he doing?

I've just found a web site:, of a guy who plays Paul McCartney in "1964" and also records TV and radio commercials. This particular Gary Grimes is a musician, a (MORE)

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Where does grime music come from?

Grime originated from East London, it derives from African and carribean culture I think, and is inspired from Reggea, Drum n Bass and Jungle Music. Underground radio stations (MORE)

Are John and Edward Grimes dating?

No. Neither of them do - unless you count the millions of devoted fans that John and Edward claimed were 'all their girlfriends'. Edward has - called racheal, that's what iv' (MORE)