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Was Henry 5 th the first English speaking king of England?

No, Henry V was the first king to use English in official document's and letters. The first English speaking king of England after the Norman conquest was Edward I 'Longshanks (MORE)

How many King Henrys has England had?

There have been nine Kings named Henry in English History. 1. Henry I - fourth son of King William I (William the Conqueror) He was born 1068/1069, became King on 3rd Augu (MORE)

Who have been the kings and queens of England since Henry VIII?

Edward VI Lady Jane Grey Mary I Elizabeth I James I Charles I Charles II James II William III/Mary II Anne George I George II George III George IV (MORE)

How did king Henry VIII of England break away from Catholic Church?

Henry VIII wanted a divorce from Anne Boleyn. The Pope wouldn't do it, so Henry got Thomas Cranmer to grant an annulment. In return, the Pope excommunicated Henry. Henry rep (MORE)

Who is the King of England?

The title "King (or Queen) of England" has not existed since 1707. England is part of The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland - the other parts being Scotla (MORE)

King Henry VIII of England had how many illegitimate children?

King Henry VIII had four children with Catherine of Aragon before Mary Tudor. However, they all died. Mary Tudor was the first to survive. When Henry found that he liked a wom (MORE)