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What happened to King Henry vi?

Henry was imprisoned in the Tower of London, where he died on 21 or 22 May 1471. Henry was said to of died of melancholy (Depression) on hearing news of the Battle of Tewkesbu (MORE)

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How did king Henry VIII son Edward VI die?

Edward VI contracted measles and smallpox when he was 14 and this left him very weak and in 1553 when he was just 15, he died of tuberculosis. Jane Seymour, Henry's 3rd wife (MORE)

How many King Henrys has England had?

There have been nine Kings named Henry in English History. 1. Henry I - fourth son of King William I (William the Conqueror) He was born 1068/1069, became King on 3rd Augu (MORE)

What did Henry VI suffer from?

Henry VI suffered from severe Catatonic Shiczophrenia. (Apologies for the spelling!) This was a mental illness that meant he was physically conscious, but he was not mentally (MORE)

How Henry the first of England died?

Henry visited Normandy in 1135 to see his young grandsons, the children of Matilda and Geoffrey. He took great delight in his grandchildren, but soon quarrelled with his daugh (MORE)