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Was Henry VII a Catholic?

  Yes, Henry lived in a time where mainly Catholicism existed in England. It was only until Henry VIII (son of Henry VII) broke away from the catholic church and formed th (MORE)

What did Henry vii do when he came to the throne?

Answer   The first thing King Henry VII did when he gained his throne at 1.485 AD/ CE was to establish the strength and supremacy of his rule. He was lucky for the major (MORE)

How did Henry VII claim the throne?

He defeated the king, Richard III, at the battle of Bosworth field. Henry belonged to the house of Lancaster and Richard to the house of York. Both houses were descendants of (MORE)

What problems did Henry VII have?

Henry the 7th needed to stop the fueds between the Yorks and the Lancasters, so he married Elizabeth of York.He banned private armies, to stop barons from over powering him an (MORE)

What bad things did Henry VII do?

He was unpopular with his subjects as he took a lot of money away from the people of England. His Tax Collectors, Empson and Dudley were also unpopular due to their tactics of (MORE)

Who succeeded King Henry VII?

King Henry VII died on 21st April 1509 and was succeeded by his son, who then became King Henry VIII.
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When was King Henry VII crowned?

King Henry VII of England became King after his victory at the Battle of Bosworth Field on 22nd August 1485. He later declared that his kingship dated from the day before the (MORE)

When did King Henry VII reign?

He reigned from 22nd August 1485 to the 21st April 1509. Henry VII was king from 1485-1509, so that's 24 years. Answer King Henry VII of England became King when he defeated K (MORE)

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