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Is abc7 weather girl bri winkler related to Henry winkler?

No, she is not. Bri Winkler is a meteorologist for ABC-7 Eyewitness  News. Henry Winkler is an American actor immortalized for his role  as Arthur Fonzarelli, fondly nicknam (MORE)

What does Henry winkler do?

Henry Winkler used to be a famous book writer but then he wanted to stop and he is a famous director like he is on drake and josh Christmas the movie he was the judge in it so (MORE)

How tall is Henry Winkler?

  Henry Winkler is about 5'6". I'm 5'8" and he seemed about two inches shy (and he was wearing sneakers). I saw him recently at an autograph signing. He walked right past (MORE)

Does Henry winkler and Tom Hanks get along?

Not likely. Winkler and Hanks clashed on the set of Turner & Hooch, and after 13 tumultuous days, Winkler was canned. When asked the reason for his departure, Winkler replied (MORE)
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Irwin Winkler is that Henry winklers dad?

No, Henry Winkler's dad is Harry Irving Winkler, a lumber company executive. See Henry Winkler in wikipedia for more information.

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