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What is heparin?

Heparin is a drug that is used as an anticoagulant. It is given byinjection to thin the blood.
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What is the antidote to heparin?

Protamine Sulfate. It reverses the anti-clotting effects of heparinand is most often used during heart surgery. It was discovered inthe sperm cells of salmon.
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What is the antidote for heparin?

Heparin is an anticoagulant that is administered by injection. Theantidote for heparin is protamine sulfate. Protamine reverses theeffects of heparin.
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What releases heparin?

Heparin is released by mast cells. These cells are found inconnective tissue and contain numerous basophilic granules. Inaddition to heparin, they also release histamine in re ( Full Answer )
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Is Heparin an anticoagulant?

yes.. Heparin is indeed an anticoagulant. It disallows the formation of new clots and stops the progression of already formed clots (it can't decrease the size of these alread ( Full Answer )
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Heparin is used for what?

Heparin (from ancient greek Hepar,liver)is widely used as an injectable anticoagulant, and has the highest negative charge density of any known biological molecule. It can als ( Full Answer )
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What is an antidote for heparin?

Protamine sulfate is an antidote for heparin. It is taken whenheparin toxicity has been discovered in patients and removes theanticoagulant effects of the drug. . protamine s ( Full Answer )
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What is heparin therapy?

Heparin therapy is using Heparin (a blood thinner) to bust blood clots and prevent blood clots from forming. It's used, for example, to treat pulmonary thrombosis or atrial fi ( Full Answer )
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What is the anecdote for heparin?

Vitamin K is not the anecdote for heparin, it is the anecdote for Coumadin. The correct answer would be protamine sulfate.
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What is heparinized saline?

Heperanin - is a compound that prevents blood coagulation. It is found in the liver and other tissues but can also be injected intravenously. So I'm assuming that Heparinized ( Full Answer )