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Are hepatocytes organelles?

No. These are the cells that make up most of the liver's tissue and preform specialized liver functions. They contain organelles.
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What are the functions of hepatocytes?

Hepatocytes are the cells responsible for most of the main functions of the liver. They synthesize clotting factors, secrete bile salts and bile pigments, store lipids, vitami ( Full Answer )
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Is bile secreted by hepatocytes?

Yes, the secretion of bile is one of the functions of hepatocytes. The bile released from hepatocytes drains into canaliculi, which become bile ductules and then the common bi ( Full Answer )
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Why do hepatocytes have multiple nuclei?

Normal hepatocytes should only have one nucleus, with a prominent nucleoli inside. If a hepatocyte is dividing, it may contain two nuclei before the two cells separate. H ( Full Answer )
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What organelles are in a Hepatocyte Cell?

Hepatocyte's have mitochondria, ribosomes, Golgi bodies, endoplasmic reticulum (rough and smooth,) glycogen, lysosomes, nucleus and nucleolus. I think.
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What are hepatocytes and their functions?

hepatocytes are liver cells and they are responsible for protein snythesis and storage, and they excrete bile. It is polygonal in shape and is stacked in layers.
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Why hepatocytes possess many microvilli?

To increase the surface area for absorption of hepatocytes by 6 fold from surrounding space of Disse. Typical explanation. Correct me if I'm wrong.
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Do hepatocytes detoxify?

Yes, one of the functions of hepatocytes is to convert toxic substances and waste products to forms that are less harmful and/or can be easily excreted from the body.