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What herb is for inflammation?

There are many herbs for reducing inflammation, however here's a few; GingerTurmericDevil's ClawLiquoriceWitch HazelGerman ChamomileArnica However if you wish to treat inflam (MORE)

What herbs are in fines herbs?

  Fines herbes is a culinary mainstay in French cuisine. The ingredients of fines herbes are fresh parsley, chives, tarragon and chervil[1]. These "fine herbs" are not the (MORE)
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Who is A Herbe?

A.Herbe I have a painting by A.Herbe and on the back was a typed bio. Born 1900 at Stammerdorf near Vienna Austria, he attended the Viennese Academy of fine arts and studied (MORE)

Are bananas herbs?

Yes, the plant is an herbaceous plant. The banana is a fruit. Yes they are technically herbs, though they are most commonly considered to be fruit since natural bananas have s (MORE)

What are examples of herb?

Oregano, parsly, Majorum, basil, Thyme, Mint, rosemary,lavender ,tomatoeplant,coriander,spinach
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What is the definition of herb?

A herb is a plant that is valued for one or many of its uses and properties. Defining what is a herb could include almost all plants that are used for any purpose. Herbs can (MORE)

Is a banana a herb?

A banana is both an herb and a fruit. Bananas come from an herbaceous bush, not a tree as many believe. Its seeds signify that it is a fruit.
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Are herbs dangerous?

I use numerous vitamins and herbs, but both if not taken in the proper amounts can be dangerous. They can interact with each other, with prescription medication, and with your (MORE)

What herbs can you smoke?

Many different herbs can be smoked. Herbal mixes can contain a  nicotine free alternative to tobacco. Some herbal mixes include  bergamot, osha, catnip, oregano, and sage.