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Is sugar an herb?

No, sugar is a saccharide (simple carbohydrate) and comes from  sugar cane and sugar beets. The Aztec sweet herb (Phyla  dulcis) is 1000 times sweeter than sugar.
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What is a perennial herb?

An herb is a plant and perennial plants are those that grow back from their own root system each year, as opposed to annual plants which grow back from seeds. Examples of pere (MORE)

Why is a banana a herb?

The stem of the banana plant does not contain woody tissue, which classifies it as a herbaceous plant, or herb. The banana does contain the seeds of the plant though, which so (MORE)

What herbs are in fines herbs?

  Fines herbes is a culinary mainstay in French cuisine. The ingredients of fines herbes are fresh parsley, chives, tarragon and chervil[1]. These "fine herbs" are not the (MORE)
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Who is A Herbe?

A.Herbe I have a painting by A.Herbe and on the back was a typed bio. Born 1900 at Stammerdorf near Vienna Austria, he attended the Viennese Academy of fine arts and studied (MORE)

What is herb extract?

Herbal Extracts are a bit like herbal infusions (such as herbal teas), but they use alcohol instead of or as well as water.They are made by steeping herbs in water and alcohol (MORE)
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Is tea a herb?

Tea is an evergreen plant, Camellia sinensis which grows mainly in tropical and sub-tropical climates. Left undisturbed the tea plant will grow into a tree, however for cultiv (MORE)