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Who was Herbert Hoover's wife and kids?

Herbert Hoover's wife was Lou Henry Hoover ( Mar 29, 1874 - Jan 7,  1944).   They were married on February 10, 1899, at the home of the bride's  parents in Monterey, Cal (MORE)

Who is Vincent Herbert?

He is a award winning producer having worked with Toni Braxton, JoJo, and recently Lady GaGa. He is also married to Braxton's sister, Tamar Braxton.
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How did Herbert Spencer define sociology?

he defined sociology as the study of evolution in it's complex  form,as an order among functional and structural changes which  society have pass through.
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In Star Trek TOS did space hippies chant Herbert Herbert Herbert and if so why?

Yes, they chanted Herbert, and why is because the name is synonymous with a character referenced by Spock in his explanation to Kirk, of a man named Herbert who was rigid in h (MORE)
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Who is Herbert from iCarly?

If you mean Lewbert, and I think you do because there isn't a 'Hebert' on Icarly Lewbert is the nasty doorman of Carly's apartment building, and he has this HUGE obnoxious war (MORE)

What did Herbert Hoover do after his presidency?

Herbert Hoover stayed in the background during FDR's administration  because they did not get along. He did work for Harry Truman  helping to feed German children after WW2 (MORE)
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Who is Herbert lumby?

Herbert Lumby is the name of several composers in at least two countries. Two are English, and one is Canadian. One of the English composers was active during the Elizabethan (MORE)