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What are pesticides and herbicides?

Herbicides are chemicals that kill plants examples include products such as 2,4-D and Glyphosate. An extreme example of a herbicide is the defoliant, Agent Orange that was us (MORE)

What is a herbicide?

A herbicide is a chemical (although could be anysubstance) that is phytotoxic to plant material. In most cases herbicides are chemicals that are used in agricultureor horti (MORE)

How are herbicides harmful?

Why is Herbicide Harmful Herbicides are harmful, this is because the chemicals inside the Herbicide can cause plants to die, health problems, and insect and animals to die. T (MORE)

What is an herbicide?

A pesticide can be a concentrated or diluted liquid or a granularor powder. It is commonly used to kill weeds or select grasses andweeds. Before buying, read instructions full (MORE)
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How are herbicides classified?

Herbicides are classified based off many different qualities and properties. These qualities and properties include activity, use, chemical family, mode of action, and control (MORE)

What is rainbow herbicide?

A collection of defoliants used by the American military insoutheast Asia in the 1960s and 1970s as part of their waractivities. For more information please see the wikipedia (MORE)