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What is a herbicide and how do you use it?

Each specific herbicide has a particular application. All applications should be done within the guidelines that are supplied with the product. There are numerous standard pre (MORE)

What is a herbicide?

A herbicide is a chemical (although could be anysubstance) that is phytotoxic to plant material. In most cases herbicides are chemicals that are used in agricultureor horti (MORE)

How do herbicides work?

Herbicide is a 'chemical or biological agent which kills plants or inhibits their growth' (The Macquarie concise dictionary, 3 rd Ed.) For herbicides there are two methods to (MORE)

What is Herbicide resistance?

For a herbicide to kill a plant, the herbicide needs to be absorbed by the plant, be moved to its site of action while remaining intact and inhibit its target enzyme.. Herbic (MORE)
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What are ingredients in herbicides?

Depending on the herbacide, the ingredients vary. Read the label on a container of herbicide it will have a list of ingredients.
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What is a selective herbicide?

A herbicide that only kills certain types of plants as opposed to others. Most selective herbicides kill dicotyledonous plants, and do not affect monocotyledonous plants. Se (MORE)

What is an herbicide?

A pesticide can be a concentrated or diluted liquid or a granularor powder. It is commonly used to kill weeds or select grasses andweeds. Before buying, read instructions full (MORE)
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Is a pesticide an herbicide?

Sometimes. All herbicides are pesticides, but not all pesticides are herbicides. A pesticide is any material used to eradicate or suppress any other life form which causes a m (MORE)