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What is mean by herding?

Herding simply means getting behind a group of animals, like a flock of sheep or a herd of cattle, and moving them towards a certain destination. It's much easier to herd a gr (MORE)

Are horses herds?

No, horses are not herds, they are animals, but they do live in herds, and do not hold up well when left without a herd, even if this herd is only 1 other animal.
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Is herd a noun?

Yes, the noun 'herd' is a singular, common, concrete noun; a word for a group of animals, a collective noun (a herd of cattle, a herd of elephants).The word 'herd' is also a v (MORE)

What is the herd of the cow?

At least ONE bull along with other cows and maybe some heifers. The herd of a cow can also be all cows or all heifers. A herd of cattle can comprise both those as well as all (MORE)

What is the synonym for herded?

All the synonyms for herded are; assemble, associate, collect, congregate, corral, drive, flock, force, goad, guide, huddle, lead, muster, poke, punch, rally, round up, run, (MORE)

How do you herd dinosaurs?

We do not know as nobody was arround at the time to herd them and  record how to do it.
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What is herd behavior?

The concept of herd behavior is that a group acts differently from the sum of the individuals in the herd.  Herds have special movement characteristics: In nature, each indi (MORE)

What is herd disease?

There is no specific syndrome or infection called "herd disease",  so this is a general term meaning "a disease affecting a population  of animals". In this context, a herd (MORE)