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What is herd instinct?

  Instnct is the subconscious and intractable desire to live in company. There some animals who have particularly strong instinct to live in groups [herds].   Man seems (MORE)

How long do horses stay in their herd?

  When foals (baby horses) are born the colts (boys) usually are kicked out by the time they are about 2-3 years, or when the lead stallion begins ot feel threatened by th (MORE)

Why do stallions lead a herd?

Simple answer, they don't. Every herd has a lead mare who is the actual leader of the herd. She decides when the herd should move and where to. She's also the first to graze a (MORE)

Did spinosaurus travel alone or in a herd?

It's very doubtful that Spinosaurus lived in herds. One reason I say this is, because Spinosaurus was primarily a fish-eatter and a single river would probably not have enough (MORE)
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Do moose travel in herds?

  No moose do not travel in herds...caribou do. Wheel of Fortune had a puzzle whose answer was 'herd of moose'...wrong wrong wrong.....
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How do you spell herd?

It depends. Are you talking about the herd for example: "A herd of sheep." or do you mean for example: "I heard you back there!" If you are talking about the herd as in a herd (MORE)
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Why do deers travel in herds?

they are more inelegant animals, and common sense dictates that it is safer to travel with multiple others than go alone and be vulnerable to attack.
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Does a cheetah travel in a herd or alone?

  Cheetahs prefer to be alone but when they congregate in groups, it's called a coaltion.
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What do sheep do in there herd?

They will pretty much do anything and everything together, they will usually create a "pecking" order, you will be able to tell the dominant sheep over the less dominant. They (MORE)

How do you herd the goats on cryptids island?

While you are driving around Puerto Rico, there are spotted goats running around. On your first visit to the island, take back the fur from the fence to test its DNA. When you (MORE)