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What is herd instinct?

  Instnct is the subconscious and intractable desire to live in company. There some animals who have particularly strong instinct to live in groups [herds].   Man seems (MORE)
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What is immunity in ayurveda?

Immunity is our body power , how much we are strong enough to fight against those factors which are responsible to make our body sick. According to Ayurveda there are seven Dh (MORE)
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What is they advantage of immunization?

  Immunization is a method of giving tiny amounts of live or killed viruses or bacteria to a living creature. This result in the formation of antibodies, which helps the c (MORE)
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How do you get passive immunity?

You can get passive immunity through a placenta when you are a fetus in your mothers womb or you can be injected with antibodies that have most likely been forced to grow due (MORE)

How do you spell herd?

It depends. Are you talking about the herd for example: "A herd of sheep." or do you mean for example: "I heard you back there!" If you are talking about the herd as in a herd (MORE)

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How do you develop immunity?

 To develop immunity, you need to have had the initial infection so that you have memory cells, (B lymphocytes that have not been entirely destroyed and so act as memory cel (MORE)

What is positive immunity?

If a person's immune system is producing antibodies against a specific antigen, then that person has a positive or active immunity toward that antigen. If a person has merely (MORE)

What is immunization?

Immunization, or immunisation, is the process by which an individual's immune system becomes fortified against an agent (known as the immunogen). When this system is exposed (MORE)

What are privileges and immunities?

Privileges and Immunities was addressed in the 14th amendment of  the Constitution, "No State shall make or enforce any law which  shall abridge the privileges or immunities (MORE)

What do sheep do in there herd?

They will pretty much do anything and everything together, they will usually create a "pecking" order, you will be able to tell the dominant sheep over the less dominant. They (MORE)