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What is Galilean heresy?

Galileo challenged the Church's authority on scientific matters. The Church at the time sanctioned Aristotle as the authority on scientific matters. Galileo was able to prove (MORE)

What are heresies?

Opinions, doctrines, or practices contrary to the truth or to generally accepted beliefs, teaching or standards.

Sentence for heresy?

Roman Catholic Answer One would think that just the possibility of spending eternity in hell enduring everlasting torture and pain would be more than enough sentence. As for (MORE)

What was the Arian heresy?

The late third century and early part of the fourth were a period in which members of the Church were trying to define the divinity of Jesus. Trinitarianism, the doctrine that (MORE)

What is the heresy of heresies?

Goldsteinism was the heresy of heresies. However it emerged that "Goldsteinism" was created by Big Brother to entrap opponents of the regime. For a human being to insist 2 and (MORE)

What is an example of heresy?

Heresy is lack of faith and betrayal of his church, and promoting such successfully. The Heretic hunter loves his church more than God, GOD loves the bold reformer and many co (MORE)

What are the four heresies?

Well, not looking at Catholic belief, but at the Bible... there are no four specific "heresies". A heresy, as defined by is: her·e·sy noun, plural he (MORE)