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Who are Cain and Able?

Cain and able were Adam and Eve's children in the bible. Forgive me for not knowing the exact details but Cain and Able each gave God gifts (one gave him livestock and one veg (MORE)

Who is Cain in The Bible?

Gen:4:1: And Adam knew Eve his wife; and she conceived, and bare Cain, and said, I have gotten a man from the LORD.
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Who are cain and abel?

According to the Bible (Genesis ch.4), Cain and Abel were the first  two sons of Adam and Eve, who were the first humans. Cain slew Abel  because he was jealous that God pre (MORE)

What are the characteristics of Cain?

Selfish-- one who had no concern for others Envious; resentful; jealous; covetous; begrudging--Cain did not submit to God. He was more concerned with the physical world; a m (MORE)
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Is Herman Cain in a fraternity?

Herman Cain attempted to join Omega Psi Phi in 1966 and 67. However, he could not complete the initiation process. Mr.Cain then showed interest in Alpha Phi Alpha, but never a (MORE)

Is Herman Cain a member of the trilateral commission?

Security and Prosperity Partnership or NAU Cain has been one of the CEOs on the North American Competitiveness Council almost since its creation. This is the think tank for pr (MORE)
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Who is Cain in Beowulf?

  Cain isn't physically there in the story, but Grendel is said to be a descendant from Cain. Cain was cursed to wander the Earth, and so is Grendel. He symbolizes all evi (MORE)

What does Cain symbolize?

Cain was the tiller of the ground, fulfilling the role that God promised for Adam in chapter 3, when he drove Adam out of the Garden of Eden. Then, in spite of Cain's generous (MORE)