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Who is Herman goerring?

  Hermann Goering was a pilot in WW1 in the German air force. He went on to become Reichsmarschall in the Nazi Party supporting Hitler to the end of WW2. He was captured a (MORE)

What sentence did Herman Goering get at Nuremberg?

He was sentenced to death by hanging. He committed suicide with a smuggled cyanide capsule about two hours before his execution. He left a note saying he did not object to the (MORE)

Who was Herman Hollerith?

The US 1880 census took over 7 years to complete. With the  expanding population and new additional data collection  requirements, the US 1890 census was expected to take lo (MORE)

When was Pee Wee Herman born?

"Pee-wee Herman" is the creation and alter ego of comedian PaulReubens (born August 27, 1952). The character was developed while Reuben was a member of theGroundlings comedy (MORE)

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