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What do hermann tortoises eat?

I Have one myself and he loves to eat peas tomato< they cant eat the seeds though lettuce watermelon cuttle fish bone dandelion leaves :) I also have one and he l (MORE)

What did Hermann Van Pels die of?

Hermann van Pels (van Daan) died in Auschwitz several days after his arrival. According to eyewitnesses at the camp, after 2 or 3 days he became mentally unable to cope with t (MORE)

Balanced diet for hermann tortoise?

The best diet for a hermann tortoise would be:   High Fibre   High Calcium   No Protein   Lots of vitamins    Some main things that tortoises cant have (MORE)

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Are Hermann Mayr pianos Russian?

Hermann Mayr was a Russian piano maker. The company, the piano works of Hermann Mayr, was based in St. Petersburg, and it had been active from 1871 until WWI (1917). It made m (MORE)