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What do hermann tortoises eat?

I Have one myself and he loves to eat peas tomato< they cant eat the seeds though lettuce watermelon cuttle fish bone dandelion leaves :) I also have one and he l (MORE)

What did Hermann Van Pels die of?

Hermann van Pels (van Daan) died in Auschwitz several days after his arrival. According to eyewitnesses at the camp, after 2 or 3 days he became mentally unable to cope with t (MORE)

Balanced diet for hermann tortoise?

The best diet for a hermann tortoise would be:   High Fibre   High Calcium   No Protein   Lots of vitamins    Some main things that tortoises cant have (MORE)

What happened to guards of Hermann Goring?

Nothing, once their duty was over they resumed their military  career or went home as the war had ended. no guards where held  responsible for goering's suicide. One guard w (MORE)

Are Hermann Mayr pianos Russian?

Hermann Mayr was a Russian piano maker. The company, the piano works of Hermann Mayr, was based in St. Petersburg, and it had been active from 1871 until WWI (1917). It made m (MORE)