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Was Confucius a hermit?

There is little evidence to support the idea that Confucius was ahermit. He had many followers and at one point spent several yearsabroad to spread wisdom.
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What do hermits eat?

Indians. The hunter gatherer type. They sneak up behind them and kill then in one blow. with a big stone. They usually put the legs in the freezer for an afternoon snack.
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Who was Peter the Hermit?

Peter the Hermit was a preacher advocating the First Crusade. He also led a section of the People Crusade. See the link for more details
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Can a hermit be trained?

no not really but i mean it could be possible with a lot of work it would take many months of traning and it would depend on the crab if they were willing to learn
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What is a hermit?

A Hermit is somebody who moves away from other people to think philosophical thoughts. Not just philosophical thoughts but religious reasons to
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Where does a hermit live?

In the wild, land hermit crabs live in jungles, forests, and even gardens in warm areas. Water hermit crabs live in the warm oceans.
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Who do hermits live with?

It's a trick question. Hermits are people who live in seclusion so the answer is nobody!
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What is a vampire hermit?

A vampyre hermit is a vampyre that rarely leaves its home. A shut-in if you will.
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Who is an hermit?

a hermit is a person who likes to live alone, secluded from the hustle and bustle of the larger society. the decision to live alone may arise from depression or just hating th (MORE)
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Who is an hermit-?

A hermit is someone who doesn't engage with other people socially.Hermits reject the society of others for a variety of reasons, butthe most likely reason is a distrust of oth (MORE)