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Why did Cortes conquer Mexico?

Why was Hernán Cortés interested in Mexico? Because he was  interested in gold and silver.   Unfortunately for the Aztecs, they welcomed the Spanish with gifts  made f (MORE)

Why is Hernan Cortes considered a villain?

Cortes was a villain because he stole all the Aztecs gold and  everything they had, he brought disgustin diseases to them and  killed hundreds of thousands of them, he was a (MORE)

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Who was Hernan Cortes and what did he do?

Hernando Cortez was a Spanish explorer and Conquistador. He Landed  his expedition in the American southwest in search of riches for  the Spanish Empire. The expedition even (MORE)

How did Montezuma greet Cortes?

The Aztecs had a revelation that one of their gods, Quetzalcoatl, would return from exile in the east with white skin and a full beard in the year 1519. Coincedentally, Cortes (MORE)

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