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What were the accomplishments of Hernan Cortes?

Cortes conquered the Aztec empire in Mexico, primarily to seize gold and other valuables. He made the first European contact with some of the native tribes of the region, such (MORE)

Was Hernan Cortes evil?

He was definitely evil. He murdered tens of thousands of people. When he slaughtered the Aztecs he murdered men, women, children, the elderly, and anyone in his way. Some clai (MORE)

Which is better fender or cort?

Most experienced people would say Cort. Though, asking that question would be like trying to find a difference between a schooner and a pirate's ship because, about 50% of gui (MORE)

Why did Cortes scuttle his ships?

Cortes and his 500 soldiers were stationed in Vera Cruz, he wanted to march forward towards Tenochtitlan. But there was a part of his force that thought the idea was suicide a (MORE)

Why Hernan Cortes defeat the Aztecs?

Hernan Cortes was a Spaniard thirsty for gold. When he heard the Aztecs were a gold mine for gold, he went straight there to get it. First, he made allies to help him defeat t (MORE)

What did hernan Cortes fear?

He feared losing the Aztec Empire to the natives, despite the superior military technology of the Spanish. In war, there is no clear victor before the battle begins.
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Who was Hernan Cortes and what did he do?

Hernando Cortez was a Spanish explorer and Conquistador. He Landed  his expedition in the American southwest in search of riches for  the Spanish Empire. The expedition even (MORE)

What empire Cortes conquer and where was it located?

Hernando Cortes conquered the Aztecs in their capital, Tenichitilan. They had a beautiful city. When Cortes and his followers came the natives treated them like a guest becaus (MORE)