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Who plays who on heroes?

The main people who are almost in every episode are played by.................. Hayden Panettiere plays Claire Bennet Jack Coleman plays Noah Bennet Greg Grunberg plays (MORE)
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What makes a hero a hero?

A person who does extreme things to help people is often considered to be a hero. It's not the costume. Even if you save one person may be their hero
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What is a hero?

A hero is a person who you admire. Who will do right even with  wrong influence. Who will sacrifice themselves to save anyone or  thing. I have a saying to influence me to b (MORE)

Why did heroes get cancelled?

The show began to lose viewers and got bad ratings after its first season which on record was the best season out of the 4 recieveing the best ratings, and because of that, pr (MORE)

Is Punisher a Hero or Anti-Hero?

Punisher is a Hero. -It almost depends. Some heroes, such as Captain America, consider Punisher to be a bit to ruthless, crazy, and murderous. At one point Captain America be (MORE)

Why is Jesus a hero?

What would you call a man who would suffer beating, thirst, humility and being hung on a cross to die for your sins? He would be called hero. I call Him my Savior because He d (MORE)

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Is Christopher Columbus a hero or not a hero and why?

Christopher Columbus was neither a hero or a villain, he was a man of his time, he was a man on a mission. It is a mistake to judge in hindsight based on the outcome of his mi (MORE)
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Who is the hero of bhutan?

Shabdrung Ngawang Namgyal is considered the founder of Bhutan as it is today. He was born in Ralung in Tibet in 1594, to one of the the most prominent Buddhist leaders in the (MORE)

What is define hero?

A hero is a person of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities. In classical mythology it is a being of godlike prowess and beneficen (MORE)

Who is the Lost Hero in The Heroes of Olympus The Lost Hero?

Many people believe that The Lost hero is Jason Grace, since the  book is about him. But actually, Percy Jackson is the lost hero as  he is nowhere to be found and Annabeth (MORE)