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What makes a hero a hero?

A person who does extreme things to help people is often considered to be a hero. It's not the costume. Even if you save one person may be their hero
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What is a hero?

A hero is a person who you admire. Who will do right even with  wrong influence. Who will sacrifice themselves to save anyone or  thing. I have a saying to influence me to b (MORE)

Can Skyscraper 2-Hero City keep Elemental Hero Captain Gold on the field in a Yugioh duel?

No, only the original skyscraper   There is a difference between the terms "a Skyscraper" and "a Skyscraper card". The first means a card simply called 'Skyscraper', while (MORE)

Can skyscraper 2-hero city effect work with elemental hero fusion monster destroyed by battle?

Most, Elemental Hero fusion monsters say they "cannot be special summoned except by...." which means that's the only way for them to reach the field. Monsters that say "can (MORE)

A Tale of Two Cities hero?

Sydney Carton could be considered the hero for switching places with and dying for Charles Darnay. You could also say Dr. Manette is the hero for helping the family too.

Is Punisher a Hero or Anti-Hero?

Punisher is a Hero. -It almost depends. Some heroes, such as Captain America, consider Punisher to be a bit to ruthless, crazy, and murderous. At one point Captain America be (MORE)

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Is Christopher Columbus a hero or not a hero and why?

Christopher Columbus was neither a hero or a villain, he was a man of his time, he was a man on a mission. It is a mistake to judge in hindsight based on the outcome of his mi (MORE)

How do you describe a hero?

I would define a hero as someone who is willing to risk their lives to save someone. Some people think that the only type of heroes there are, are the ones like superman, spid (MORE)

Who is the Lost Hero in The Heroes of Olympus The Lost Hero?

Many people believe that The Lost hero is Jason Grace, since the  book is about him. But actually, Percy Jackson is the lost hero as  he is nowhere to be found and Annabeth (MORE)