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Which king herod the great who wants to kill Jesus?

Herod the Great is the Herod that tried to kill Jesus by sending men to Bethelhem to kill all the babies 2 years and younger. Herod the great had 7 sons by 5 wives. Antipater, (MORE)

Is Herod the Great and Herod Antipas the same person?

No. When Herod the Great died, his kingdom was divided among three of his sons. Judea and Samaria went to Archelaus, Galilee and the region east of the Jordan River went to He (MORE)

Why did Herod the Great build the Second Temple?

A:Herod did not build the Second Temple, which was built centuries earlier during the Persian period. He did rebuild and expand the existing Temple. Herod embarked on a progra (MORE)

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Is Cleopatra of Egypt and Cleopatra of Jerusalem wife of HEROD The Great the same?

No, the two women were different. Remember that "Cleopatra" was a very common name among the ruling classes during the first century BC. Cleopatra of Jerusalem was born and ra (MORE)

Why was Herod the Great considered the greatest builder of ancient times in the Land of Israel?

The so called temple of Herod was a rebuilding of the Second Temple  in Jerusalem on a more magnificent scale. Herod built four walls to  expand the plateau of Temple Mount (MORE)