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What is a Terra Hertz?

Terra refers to the number trillion, so a terra Hertz is one trillion cycles per second.
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Does 220-Hertz or 440-Hertz move faster?

220 hertz is faster, because the higher the frequency, the lower the wavelength. The wavelength directly correlates to the speed so therefore the object moving at 220 hertz is (MORE)
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How do you measure hertz?

Set your oscilloscope for the voltage and read in cycles per second applying a prefix if needed. Hertz, kilohertz, Megahertz, Gigahertz. Well I doubt it can handle the last tw (MORE)
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What is larger giga hertz or mega hertz?

well the list of prefixes are as following in the "10 system" (metric length and so on) deka- hecto- kilo- giga- tera- peta- exa- zetta- yotta- In the binary system (bytes, (MORE)

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What does 50 hertz or 60 hertz mean in an electrical generator?

The unit hertz means "cycles per second" and is a measure of the frequency of variation of anything which changes during a set period of time, including electric current and v (MORE)
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What does Hertz mean?

Hertz means Frequency ie cycles per second. 1 hertz is 1 cycle per second Another answer Hertz is the SI unit for "frequency". Frequency is defined as "the number of cyc (MORE)

What is the advantage of 60 Hertzs over 50 Hertz?

The higher frequency allows for the use of less iron in transformers and motors, but at the cost of more losses in the distribution system. To add to the above, the 60 Hertz (MORE)

In 350 MHz how many hertz?

Hertz is the SI unit for frequency. We define frequency as number of cycle per second..... meaning the particular wave of particular amplitude is occurring how many times in a (MORE)