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What is hertz?

One hertz is equal to one cycle per second. The hertz is named after German physicist Heinrich Hertz (1857-1894). In the computer, 10 MHZ is ten million cycles per second. Th (MORE)

What are hertz?

Hertz, named after the German Physicist Heinrich Hertz, are the measurement of frequency, current, and electricity, their uses are common in many fields, sound waves, radiatio (MORE)

How do you meaure hertz?

One would measure hertz by using an analog ammeter. Hertz can be measure in kilohertz. Hertz is the unit used to measure frequency. Any instrument that measures frequency can (MORE)

Hertz is the measurement of?

Frecuency... Hertz is the measure of frequency. It's usually desecribed as events per second. a 3ghz processor is able to perform 3 billion calculations per second.
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Examples of hertz?

Hertz is a unit of measurement that literally means "cycles per second" or cycles/seconds and it refers to a process that repeats at regular intervals. For example, a computer (MORE)

How many hertz in mega hertz?

"There are 10 raised to the power 6 hertz 1 million hertz are in a mega hertz." When it comes to computer microprocessor clock speeds this upper answer is not quite right, a (MORE)
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What is the hertz frequency?

"Hertz" is a measure of frequency. 1 Hz. means 1 vibration, or 1 cycle, per second. 100 Hz. means 100 cycles per second, etc. For larger frequencies, multiples such as kHz, MH (MORE)