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What was the greek poet Hesiod best known for?

Hesiod's writings serve as a major source on Greek mythology, farming techniques, archaic Greek astronomy and ancient time-keeping. Hesiod is also the immediate parent of gnom ( Full Answer )
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What kind of poetry did Hesiod write?

he was a didactic writer he was also an oral writer . Some scholars argue about if Homer wrote the Iliad and the Odyssey
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What poetry was Hesiod best known for?

Hesiod was a Greek oral poet who historians believe was active between 750 and 650 BC. Only two of his complete works still exist today-- Works and Days and Theogony . The ( Full Answer )
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What did Homer hesiod and the homeric hymns have in common?

They were all members of Greek mythology and had something to do with it and were both great Greek poets and writers If you are doing this for Greek and Roman Myths in Miss Vi ( Full Answer )
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Who is homer and hesiod?

they are both Greek poets. Homer was blind and his name was used in the now most common show "The Simpsons".
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Why is Hesiod important?

He wrote the Thegony, about 800 BC. In it he systematizes the "facts" about the Greek gods.
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What was hesiod famous for?

Hesiod was born around the same time as Homer, Hesiod and Homer both wrote in a similar style. Hesiod was famous for writing about Greek and Roman myths.
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Are Hesiod quotes public domain?

The quotes themselves are in the public domain, but certain specific translations may be protected.
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What has the author Hesiod written?

Hesiod. has written: 'Teogonija' -- subject(s): Translations into Macedonian, Greek Religious poetry, Greek Gods, Poetry 'Hesiodou tou Askraiou Theogonia =' 'Carmina...' ( Full Answer )
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Who were Hesiod Homer Aeschylus and Sophocles?

Hesiod - a farmer and philosopher author late 8th Century BCE. Homer - a bard who reduced the bardic stories to writing late 8th Century BCE. Aeschylus - a poet who wrote play ( Full Answer )