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What did Harry Hess invent?

Harry Hammond Hess is not known for any invention. He was, however,  one of the primary developers in the modern theory of plate  tectonics.

What happened to Rudolf Hess after the war?

Rudolf Hess travelled to England in 1941 to try to broker peace with Great Britain; he offered that Germany should withdraw from most of what was then Nazi-occupied Europe in (MORE)
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Who is Harry Hess?

  Harry Hess created the theory of plate tectonics moving along the ocean's floor.

Who is Rudolph hess related to?

Rudolph Hess is related to the Hess family. such as: Lora Hess, Wendy Hess, Cody Hess . . . and many others that were unnamed he was Hitler's number three man. The Truth is (MORE)