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Who is Johann Hesse?

Answer . Johann Heinrich Hesse . Born: 1712. Died: 1778. Genre: Classical. As a composer, Hesse's music primarily included lieder. As an organist in Eutin he was ap (MORE)

Who was Harry Hess?

Harry Hess is a scientist who studied geology and he was born May 27, 1906 and died August 25, 1969 he was born in New York City and he discovered how the first layer of Earth (MORE)
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What did harry hess do?

Harry Hess suggested that continents do not move across the ocean  crust. He made the theory of continental drift famous and somewhat  accepted.
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Who was Orvan Hess?

Orvan Hess was a doctor. He was the first doctor to treat a patient with Penicillin. He received the American Medical Association's Scientifi Achievement Award in 1979. He die (MORE)

Harry Hammond Hess what did he get a degree in?

Hess was born in New York City and educated at Yale, graduating in 1927, and Princeton where he gained his PhD in 1932. He worked first as a field (MORE)

Who was Harry Hess and what did he do?

Harry Hess was a man that was born on May 24, 1906 and went to Asbury Park High School in New Jersey. He went to Yale in 1923. He was studying electrical engineering when he d (MORE)

What did Hess do in the war?

Rudolf Hess spent most of his time as a prisoner of the British  after a failed attempt to negotiate a peace between England and  Germany when he flew , unauthorized , a Mes (MORE)