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What is heterogeneous?

A heterogeneous mixture is a mixture that is not evenly mixed. Heterogeneity (the noun) means the opposite of homogeneity, which means "uniformly distributed".
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What is heterogenous?

Heterogeneous, in biology, refers to a substance originatingoutside of the body. This isn't to be confused with heterogeneous,which is a term in chemistry meaning that a mixtu (MORE)

Definition of heterogenous?

The word heterogeneous is defined as not arising within the body or  coming from another individual or species. Organ transplants are  heterogeneous.

What are homogeneous and heterogeneous?

A short answer: - homogeneous: a mixture impossible to separate by physical procedures - heterogeneous: a mixture possible to separate by physical procedures
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What is heterogenity?

Heterogeneity refers to how heterogeneous a mixture is.  Heterogeneous mixtures are uniform and completely combined. The  heterogeneity of a mixture describes how uniform th (MORE)

Is soup a heterogenous?

Soup is an example of a heterogenous mixture. It has broth,  vegetables, and other things that make it different throughout.
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What is a heterogeneous society?

heterogeneous society is a diverse society in terms of race, religion, culture, language etc. for example - In US you will find people from different races e.g. white,Asians, (MORE)
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What are heterogeneous solutions?

Solutions made up of two or more particles such as Salt and sugar, two separate solvents put together to make a heterogeneous mixture
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What is heterogeneous-?

In chemistry, heterogeneous means composed of different substances  or the same substance in different phases, as solid ice and liquid  water.
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Is honey a heterogeneous or heterogeneous?

The refinement in the midst of homogeneous and heterogeneous is the  extent to which the materials that incorporate the matter being  insinuated are gone on essentially as o (MORE)