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Is soil is heterogeneous?

  Yes. It's composed of a bunch of different kinds of dirt, bacteria, rocks, and such. A heterogeneous compound/mixture is not uniform throughout, and soil has big clumps (MORE)
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Is air heterogeneous?

  No, air is homogeneous (unless is it smoky or dusty air with suspended particles in it). See the Related Questions to the left for more information.
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What is heterogeneous data?

  Answer   Heterogeneous Data is data from any number of sources, largely unknown and unlimited, and in many varying formats. In essence, it is a way to refer to dat (MORE)
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What is heterogenity?

Heterogeneity refers to how heterogeneous a mixture is.  Heterogeneous mixtures are uniform and completely combined. The  heterogeneity of a mixture describes how uniform th (MORE)
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Is a snowcone heterogenous?

Yes, tis true that it's heterogeneous... don't ask for the  credentials and junk for that though, don't have that. Good luck!

What is heterogeneous?

A heterogeneous mixture is a mixture that is not evenly mixed. Heterogeneity (the noun) means the opposite of homogeneity, which means "uniformly distributed".

What is the definition of heterogeneous?

      A material is heterogeneous if it has a property with different values in different directions. For example a heterogeneous material will have different den (MORE)
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Is honey a heterogeneous or heterogeneous?

The refinement in the midst of homogeneous and heterogeneous is the  extent to which the materials that incorporate the matter being  insinuated are gone on essentially as o (MORE)