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What does heuristic mean?

involving or serving as an aid to learning, discovery, or problem-solving by experimental and especially trial-and-error methods < heuristic techniques> ; also : of or (MORE)

What is Heuristic Detection?

Answer . Heuritic Detection : using a problem-solving technique in which the most appropriate solution of several found by alternative methods is selected at successive st (MORE)

What are heuristics?

Heuristics are "rules of thumb". A heuristic is an attempt at guessing an answer to a problem, which could be correct, but does not guarantee it to be correct (or even suitabl (MORE)

What is heuristic optimization?

Where the 'query tree' or 'algebra tree' is transformed using a set of predefined rules that will improve the queries performance. Performing the selections as early as possib (MORE)

What is availability heuristics?

Availability heuristics is when one bases the estimated probability of an event on the ease for which relevant instances come to mind. For example, you might estimate the saf (MORE)

What is heuristics?

Heuristic refers to experience-based techniques for problem solving, learning, and discovery. Where the exhaustive search is impractical, heuristic methods are used to speed u (MORE)

What is a Heuristic virus?

Heuristics means 'ruled based'. Normally, for an anti-virus product to detect the virus the virus must have been seen before, analysed and detection added to the signature upd (MORE)

Is a heuristic an algorithm?

In practice, it may be. But they are still different things. A heuristic is a rough approximation that can help solving a problem. For example, in a path-finding algorithm, i (MORE)
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What is a heuristic cue?

A heuristic cue is something we encounter in our every day lifewhen we make a decision. These cues may be based on pastexperience, bias or common sense. An example would be us (MORE)