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What is the function of the heavy hex head on a heavy hex bolt?

  Bearing Surface   Heavy hex head has a larger bearing surface. For example a 1" heavy bolt 1-5/8" dimension across the flats. A finish hex bolt is 1-1/2". This crea (MORE)
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What words have the word part hex?

cachexias   cachexic   cachexies   cachexy   cathexes   cathexis   cyclohexane   cyclohexanes   cyclohexanone   cyclohexanones   cycloh (MORE)

How many sides in hex decagon?

16 sides   a hexadecagon means hexa (6) and deca (10) and gon (shape (?))    The suffix "-gon" means an angle or vertex.

How can you remove a HEX?

  Think positive and focus on the good around you and in your life.
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What is the hex code transparent?

  Hexadecimal code represents values of colours. Digital media rely on additive colour mixing, which is based on light, not pigments. Even if you input the code to add ' (MORE)

How can you reverse a hex?

  Oh boy.   Here are some hex removal spells: Arrowroot spell 1 cup of arrowroot powder Essential oils of peppermint, wintergreen and chamomile Stir a few TINY (MORE)

What is a hex wrench?

what the hex a wrench?   Hex wrench is short for hexagonal wrench, that is a wrench or spanner designed to fit a certain size nut or bolt.
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What is 43 in hex?

43 (decimal) converted to hex is: 2B. The 2 is in the sixteen place, so 2 x 16 = 32. The B represents eleven, so 32 + 11 = 43 (decimal). The method to find from decimal to h (MORE)

What is hex and Allen bolt?

a hex bolt is bolt having six face head operated by spanner. an allen bolt is bolt having a six face groove in the head and operated by a special type of L shape key called al (MORE)