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Why does a hexagon tessellate?

They tessellate because one of their interior angles is exactly 120  degrees provided that it is a regular polygon. Since this is  exactly a third of a full circle, three of (MORE)

Is hexagon quadrilateral?

Quadri- = four. Lateral = side. A quadrilateral means a figure with four sides. A hexagon has six sides. Therefore, a hexagon is not a quadrilateral. Quadrilaterals include s (MORE)

What is a hexagon?

A hexagon is any two-dimensional polygon with six sides and six  vertices. If it is a regular hexagon, then opposite sides are  parallel and each of the angles equals 120 de (MORE)

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What is the area of a hexagon?

There is no general formula as it depends upon the exact shape of  the hexagon. To calculate the area would involve splitting the  hexagon into regions which are shapes for (MORE)
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Volume of hexagon?

The volume of a standard hexagon can be given by the product of 6  times the length of one side of the hexagon and the height. Note  that for a hexagon to have volume, it mu (MORE)

Draw a hexagon?

A hexagon can be drawn either with a compass or round object, or  free hand. A hexagon has six equal sides and six equal angles. For  a perfect hexagon, a compass is recomme (MORE)

What is a equilateral hexagon?

It is a hexagon all of whose sides are of equal measure. Note that it need not be a regular hexagon since the angles need not be equal (in the same way that a rhombus has four (MORE)