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What is a hexagon?

A hexagon is any two-dimensional polygon with six sides and six  vertices. If it is a regular hexagon, then opposite sides are  parallel and each of the angles equals 120 de (MORE)

Who or what is the Hexagone?

The word "hexagone" is the French word for "hexagon" - a 2-dimensional, 6-sided shape. The French Armed Forces in Paris have their headquarters in a building called the Hexago (MORE)

What is this hexagon?

A Hexagon is a shape with 6 sides also. .. Triangle - 3 sides Rectangle, square etc. - 4 sides Pentagon - 5 sides Hexagon - 6 sides Heptagon - 7 sides Octagon - 8 sides Hope t (MORE)

Hexagon is 6?

A hexagon is a plane figure bounded by six straight lines. That is not the same thing as 6.
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What is a equilateral hexagon?

It is a hexagon all of whose sides are of equal measure. Note that it need not be a regular hexagon since the angles need not be equal (in the same way that a rhombus has four (MORE)

What are facts on hexagons?

well, here are some. hexagons have 6 sides, six angles, rotational symmetry, three lines of symmetry, and the angle sum is 720. :) hope this helped.