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Where did the term heyday come from?

hey·day (hā'dā') n. The period of greatest popularity, success, or power; prime.. c.1590, alteration of heyda (1526), exclamation of playfulness or surprise, som ( Full Answer )
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When did Nabisco stop making heyday cookies?

Nabisco stopped making Heyday Bars in the late 1980's. Howeverthe Matilda Bay Food & Beverage Company, LLC, a startup inTexas is bringing them back. We also own the Trademark ( Full Answer )
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When is the suffolk punch heyday?

well its in 18th november 2015 so bros u can do yuououo home worrkrkrkk heerrereer .
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How long did the heyday of comstock load last?

The Comstock Lode lasted for about 15 years. The lode of silver ore located under the eastern slope of Mount Davidson in Nevada was first discovered and made public in 1859. T ( Full Answer )
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How do you delete an entry from Heyday?

To delete a whole moment from your Heyday, hold you finger on themoment and swipe it to the left. Then tap the red Trashcan Iconthat appears. You'll need to confirm that you w ( Full Answer )