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Where was Hiawatha born?

There is no record of where or when Hiawatha was born. Nor of his death.
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Who is hiawatha?

The Mohawk peoples inhabited what now is New York State. They a warlike tribe destroying everything in their path. When they got close to another tribe they attacked. But Deka (MORE)
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What is the story of hiawatha?

Go to poetry. Hiawatha is an American Indian myth. He is a tribal chief and among other things he builds a boat. WhenI was a kid I always thought he was a Girl as the name sou (MORE)
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Where is the land of hiawatha?

It is the Upper Peninsula of Michigan along the shores of Lake Superior, aka Gitchee Gumee.
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Why is hiawatha famous?

It is a title of a poem. He never existed except as a fictional character.
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Why is the Hiawatha belt is important to Hiawatha?

I don't think Hiawatha ever saw the Hiawatha belt. It is named after him though as he is credited with being the founder (or one of the founders) of the Iroquois Confederacy ( (MORE)
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Where did the Hiawatha live?

Hiawatha lived with his family in a village. Once his family had died, he left the village and lived in the forest because he felt lonely. That's when Deganawida (DEE-GON-UH-W (MORE)
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Who is hiawatha and what did he do?

Hiawatha was the Iroquois leader. he was also the founder of the Iroquois confederacy in 1570.