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What are hiccups?

Answer . Hiccups are spasms of the diaphragm (which is the muscle between the chest and the abdomen that pumps up and down to get air in and out of your lungs). It's a spas ( Full Answer )
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Why do you hiccup?

Answer You hiccup because your diaphram spazzez. There is no proven evidence that hiccups are caused by a lack of carbon dioxide in the blood. At this moment in time, ( Full Answer )
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Why do we hiccup?

The physical reason we hiccup is due to sudden contractions of \nmuscles used for respiration, specifically to inhale. As the muscles begin to move, the glottis snaps shut an ( Full Answer )
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Do you get the hiccups?

Answer . Of course I get hiccups everybody does and if you don't i don't think you can be human......or dog, maybe even cat
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How do you get hiccups?

You get hiccups when your diaphragm gets irritated. Your diaphragm is located below your lungs and helps you breathe. It normally pulls down when you breathe in, but when you ( Full Answer )
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Why do you have hiccups?

Most common cause is a spasm of the veges nerve, which causes a twitch to occur in the diaphragm. People get hiccups for drinking to much water
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How can you get the hiccups?

You can get the hiccups if you breath in really fast as much as you can. I do it all the time in class so i can go get a drink. :)
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What do you do when you have Hiccups?

Sipping water * can be helpful. Hiccups are mainly caused by spasm, so stretching the body, relaxing, and breathing easily can also help. Related Information: * This ( Full Answer )
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Why are the hiccups called hiccups?

They are called the hiccups because of the "hiccup" sound you make when you have them.
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What to if you have the hiccups?

The best cure that almost always works is to hold your breath andtake 10 sips of water at the same time. it might be hard but it'svery effective.