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What is the hierarchy of man?

Today when man is indepentent of Jehovah God, their attitude is  that man lives by bread alone - when there is no bread. But what  happens to man's desires when there is ple (MORE)

What is the hierarchy?

heirachy is when the trioxians of the neutrino implode to a sub zero quantum ordinate and the multiverse would incenerate itself and turn into a meca black hole...and that is (MORE)

What is hierarchy of your priesthood?

The hierarchy of the priesthood of the Catholic church has the Pope at the top. Archbishops (sometimes Cardinals) run large archdioceses. Archdioceses are usually the most imp (MORE)

Do Buddhist have a hierarchy?

Yes, in a sense. There is the hierarchy of monks (and nuns) and  householders (or laypeople).    There is also a hierarchy in another sense. The Buddha spoke of  five (MORE)

What is hierarchy of feudalism?

AnswerChurch, King, lesser nobles, peasants, serfs.    AnswerThe ranks of nobility, from highest to lowest wereEmperor and empressKing and QueenArchduke and ArchduchessGra (MORE)

Why do you have a court hierarchy?

žHaving a court hierarchy gives people the ability to appeal to a higher court, if you felt the trial had been unfair.žIt also provides efficient distribution of resources a (MORE)