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What happens during Lutheran church?

It depends on what church you go to. Some churches are very traditional, although I have never personally been to one quite a traditional as the Catholic services I've gone to (MORE)

What is open communion in a Lutheran church?

It means that admission to the altar for communion is not solely for members of that particular synod or congregation. A Lutheran Church with an open Communion policy requires (MORE)

Who is the leader of the Lutheran church in the world?

There is no "leader" of the Lutheran church in the world because there is no worldwide Lutheran church. There are approximately 150 Lutheran denominations throughout the world (MORE)

How is mass celebrated in the Lutheran Church?

Lutheran belief and practice is most accurately outlined in the Lutheran symbolical book, the Book of Concord. All Lutheran Synods and organizations formally subscribe to this (MORE)

How do you join the Lutheran church?

Just go to any Lutheran Church in your area. I would suggest the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod (LCMS). Talk to the pastor and he might help you get enrolled in a new members (MORE)

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Does the Lutheran church believe in transubstantiation?

No, it does not. Lutherans believe in the doctrine of the Sacramental Union when it comes to the Eucharist. It is similar to transubstantiation, and also to consubstantiation (MORE)

Can catholics attend a Lutheran church?

Yes. All worshippers are free to attend services in any church. Updated response - Although it may be an acceptable truth that all worshipers are free to attend services in (MORE)

Who founded the Lutheran church?

His followers. I have been raised Lutheran and I have learned that Martin Luther's original intentions were not at all to break with the Catholic church, he in fact encouraged (MORE)

Is the Lutheran church the same as the Catholic church?

No. The Lutheran church was founded by Martin Luther in l5l7 on the night of Halloween. Luther, a scholarly divine, was an ordained priest in the Roman church before the big b (MORE)
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