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What is the difference between IPTV and High Definition TV?

IPTV is delivery method. It is sending TV signal over IP(internet protocol). Actually, it is about sending video over IP network. HDTV is just a quality of video content. High (MORE)

Whats the best high definition tv for the money in a 42 inch range?

  Whatever pleases your eye and you can afford to purchase. what ever you purchase, you'll want to get an extended service warranty and maintain it as long as you're able. (MORE)

Is a LCD TV a high definition TV?

  It depends on the LCD you get. LCD, Plasma, and Rear Projection TVs all come in various models with different capabilities. If you're looking for the highest HD picture (MORE)

Can you fix the color on a rear projection high definition TV?

  Yes. First, the problem may be a matter of simple adjustments in the settings menu. Sadly, many manufacturers ship their TV's with the brightness turned way up which aff (MORE)

Is the 60hz refresh rate on a High Definition television better than 120hz?

The refresh rates on an HDTV can make a film appear fake, artificial, and unrealistic when higher than 60hz. Most films are created with 24 to 60 frames per second, and when y (MORE)