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What are the advantages of high tides?

Following advantages of high tides may be considered on priority. 1. It helps in navigation. 2. It is also helpful for producing more tidal energy to wider variation in wave g (MORE)

When is high tide caused?

The earth and moon rotate around each other, strictly around a common centre of gravity. Both objects are relatively rigid. But the sea is not rigid. It is "attached" to the e (MORE)

How high tide and low tide occurs?

I. | INTRODUCTION Tide, periodic rise and fall of all ocean waters, including those of open sea, gulfs, and bays, resulting from the gravitational attraction of the moon and t (MORE)

Where and when does is it high tide on Earth?

Tides occur in all oceans of the Earth and to a very small degree in large lakes. High tide occurs on two opposite sides of the Earth simultaneously. These locations change (MORE)