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What is highbrow culture?

Highbrow culture refers to intellectual culture. For example, thoseinterested in highbrow culture might go to the opera or to theorchestra. The slang term comes from the psued (MORE)

What is a highbrow snoot?

A "highbrow snoot" is an intellectual snob, or even apseudo-intellectual. The slang term "highbrow" means cultured, intellectual, orscholarly. It comes from the psuedo-scienc (MORE)

What does highbrow mean?

It can mean scholarly, refined, or intellectual in nature, e.g.highbrow entertainment. The slang term comes from the psuedo-science of phrenology, wherethe size and shape of t (MORE)

What is the definition of the word highbrow?

Someone who is cultured and well educated. An intellectual. The slang term "highbrow" comes from the psuedo-science ofphrenology, where the size and shape of the head suppose (MORE)

Who coined the terms highbrow and lowbrow?

The slang terms "highbrow" (cultured) and "lowbrow" (common) comefrom the psuedo-science of phrenology, where the size and shape ofthe head supposedly defined the talents and (MORE)

Do voters know that Mormons claim all religions but theirs is false which is highly offensive highbrow condescending self-aggrandizing and wrong to teach to little children?

Most religions teach that theirs is the only correct religion and that all others are false. This is nothing unique to Mormonism. Mormons do believe that their religion is t (MORE)
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When was Going Highbrow created?

The movie "Going Highbrow" was widely released on August 23, 1935. There were earlier limited releases in the US (July 6) and inLondon (July 23).