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Is nei India a good institute to learn film editing?

Yes its a very good insttitute owned by film editors. Training is of international standard. Best part is the course, an absolute exclusive and complete. At nei India only fil (MORE)

What is academic honesty in higher learning?

Academic honesty in higher learning is an assignment from Phoenix University. I wish all the best in assembling your research. I would share with you what I found, but I don't (MORE)

What did John Singleton means by unlearn at the end of movie Higher learning?

  My name is Mark, 26 from answer is only my opinion, but, i felt that the meaning of the word Unlearn meant for us to use our own investigations into history (MORE)
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The lower transmittance of film indicates higher absorption or reflectance?

The lower transmittance of film would indicate a higher Optical Density (OD), or absorption, because as concentration increases, % transmittance will decrease. This is because (MORE)