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Where can you find the history of the Highgate Manor formerly known as The Mayfair House in Vermont?

The "Highgate Manor" and "The Mayfair House" are actually 2 separate places. The "Highate Manor" was originally built by cpt Steve Keyes, who along with his family are buried (MORE)

Why did the Highgate manor in Highgate VT close suddenly the summer of 2008?

The owners of the Manor have been accused of mortgage fraud. See: (MORE)

What famous people are buried in highgate cemetery London?

Claudia Jones, black Communist and fighter for social justice Douglas Adams, author of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy andother novels Edward Hodges Baily, sculptor Fa (MORE)
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Who is Edmonia G. Highgate?

She is the daughter of freed slaves, who taught at a freedmen's bureau school is louisiana.