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What is a hijab?

A hijab or ijāb (حجاب), as commonly understood in theEnglish-speaking world, is the type of head covering traditionallyworn by Muslim women, but can also refer ( Full Answer )
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What is the hijab?

Hijab is the islamic covering women and girls must wear in the religion of Islam. It is a modest dress covering the hair, ears, and neck . It should never be short or tight. I ( Full Answer )
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What is hijab in Islam?

Hijab is when a woman covers everything but her face an hands without trying to show off her shape or wearing bright/intricate patterns and colors.
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What ia a hijab?

In Islam, Hijab is the dress code for females... in Arabic word literally means curtain or cover (noun). Most Islamic legal systems define this type of modest dressing as ( Full Answer )
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How do you pronounce hijab?

You pronounce hijab like hij(the i should be pronounced short) jab and if you cant really pronounce it then you can call it a head covering or i call it a scarf.
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Why do they wear a hijab?

Muslims wear the hijab because it was written in the quran ( Muslim bible) god said that girls are suppose to wear. so we obey god and follow what he/she said. if you do not ( Full Answer )
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Why do shias do hijab?

Hijab is compulsory for women in Islam. Shia, the 2nd biggest sect of Islam, thus just like other Muslim brothers do hijab.
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Who uses a hijab?

Women in Islamic countries - 'required' to a varying degree depending on which Islamic country that woman lives in. In my opinion it is time that woman were able to exercise ( Full Answer )
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What is a proper hijab?

To not only cover the hair, but to wear loose modest clothes that does not reveal one's body shape. To have manners and lower one's gaze when men are around. All these contrib ( Full Answer )
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What is the criteria for hijab?

Hijab for men People usually only discuss 'hijab' in thecontext of women. However, in the Glorious Qur'an, Allah (swt) first mentions'hijab' for men before 'hijab' for the ( Full Answer )