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Why does the hijra mark the beginning of the Islamic calendar?

Principally because it was the most dramatic event in Islam's early days. In Mecca, the religion was coming along very slowly; even at Mohammed's first vision of Jibral, he wa (MORE)

In which year did the prophet Muhammad make hijra?

According to Islamic Sources, Muhammad made the hijra in the  year 622 C.E. according to the Western Gregorian calendar.    However, for a Muslim the answer is much ea (MORE)
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What does After Hijra mean?

After Hijra refers to the amount of years after the Hijra, or migration of Muhammad (S) from Mecca to Madinah. For example, 1432 After Hijra (AH) refers to 1432 years after th (MORE)
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What is meant by the Hijra?

Hijra is an Arabic word that means Migration or immigration. It refers to the Migration of prophet Muhammad (peace upon him) from Mecca city to Medina (currently, both in king (MORE)

Why was the Hijra a very important turning point in Islam?

The Hijra (migration to Yathrib) was immensely crucial in the very  history of Islam. This was because:   The Muslims were now safely away from the torture and oppression (MORE)