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How many calories burned when hiking?

Depends how much weight you are carrying on your back and also how hilly the terrain is. You could say about 400 an hour maybe as an average
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What do you need when hiking?

When hiking you need any survival manual about hiking a cumpass  map and water. Then you need to map out where you're going to hike.  And there you go..  +++   It's a s (MORE)
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Do people hike in the Black Hills?

Yes. There are many hiking trails throughout the Black Hills National Forest. Perhaps the most popular is the hike to the summit of Harney Peak, the highest point in the Black (MORE)
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What are the tasks of a sweeper in hiking?

To bring up the rear of a group of hikers so none get left behind  in the back if they are too slow or injured. To keep stragglers  motivated and moving, and to call the gro (MORE)

Is hiking an example for public good?

Parks are an example of the public good, since they are a resource that is available to the general public. Hiking is something that people can do in parks. But hiking is not (MORE)

What does hiking help you?

John Muir said it so well, "Keep close to Nature's heart... and break clear away, once in awhile, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean." H (MORE)

What is antonyms of word hike?

The word hike has two meanings: one that has to do with walking and one that has to do with raising (i.e. "tax hikes"). As far the use of the word referring to raising, antony (MORE)

What is a price hike?

When the cost of something becomes far more expensive than its original price.(i.e. the price goes up significantly)
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What are the dangers of hiking up stromboli?

  the dangers are that it could explode while you are hiking on it, you could fall off the volcano and die, if you are not physically fit enough then you could injure your (MORE)

Where did Amy Roloff hike?

Amy Roloff hiked to the summit of Mt. Saint Helens.  It took two days to complete the climb, and the last portion was over volcanic ash. Way to go Amy!
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