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Who is Von Neumann?

Von Neumann was the first person to suggest to concept of the stored program. This concept states that there is no difference between computer instructions and data. More impo (MORE)

Is jayy von monroe hispanic?

no he isn't but Dahvie Vanity is Columbian and Mexican Dahvie Vanity (born Jesus David Torres) is actually Puerto Rican, his parents were born there OMFG PPL STOP SAYING HE (MORE)
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Did hildegard von bingen marry?

no Hildegard Von Bingen did not marry because if she did she would have benn killed or seriously hurt because she was chathollic she was not allowed to marry anyone.

How did hildegard die?

Hildegard von Bingen died in 1179 at the age of 81; this was extremely old for people at that time and it is most likely that she simply died of old age. Her actual cause of d (MORE)

Who were Hildegard von Bingens comtemporaries?

The writer, abbess, composer and philosopher Hildegard von Bingen is believed to have been born in 1098 and died in 1179. She was therefore contemporary with the famous Engl (MORE)