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Do hillbillies eat dogs?

No, Hill Billies don't eat dogs. They eat things like: Rabbit, Lamb, Donkey, and etc.
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What are the hands in hillbilly rummy?

Hillbilly Rummy Round Pattern Round 1: Deal 7 cards, build two sets of three Round 2: Deal 8 cards, one set of three and one run of four Round 3: Deal 9 cards, two r (MORE)

What channel does the Beverly hillbillies come on?

Right now, it's only nationally syndicated through TV Land and ME-TV. WGN America used to play it, but they stopped playing it to make room for other shows. But I suspect that (MORE)

How old was granny on the Beverly hillbillies?

Irene Ryan was born in October 1902. She was 59 when the series premiered September 26, 1962. The age of "Granny" in the show was never revealed.
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How did the Beverly Hillbillies end?

  Since the cancellation was a surprise to the show's company (it was cancelled in CBS's legendary "rural purge" at the end of the 1970-71 season), there was no "finalé e (MORE)

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What are hillbillies?

Hillbilly is the slang term for people who live in rural, mountainous areas of the southern US, especially in the Ozark and Appalachian Mountains.    These mountains we (MORE)

What happen to jedro on Beverly hillbillies?

First of all it is Jethro, not Jedro. He was related, but was NOT the son of the Clampett family. Jed and Jethro are not father and son. A lot of people think they were but th (MORE)