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Does the etymology of hypocrite have anything to do with the hippocratic oath?

 It has nothing to do with the Hippocratic oath. They sound similar but their roots mean different things.   Hippocratic oath is a Code of Conduct for practicing medicin (MORE)
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What does cutting for stone mean in the Hippocratic Oath?

The whole phrase is, "I will not cut for stone, even in the presence of disease (or something like that). I will leave this to skilled professionals. specialists in the art." (MORE)

Do all doctors have to swear the Hippocratic Oath?

Technically, yes. Only they will swear under different types of oath, such as modified Hippocratic Oath, The Physician's Oath, Declaration of Geneva, Oath of Maimonides, Osteo (MORE)
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Who wrote the Hippocratic oath?

It was Hippocrates of the Ancient Greek people. That's why it's called the hippocratic oath/
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Why is the hippocratic oath important?

The Hippocratic Oath was important because Doctors had to swear by the gods that they would treat patients right, by having the oath you only had Doctor's who wanted to help t (MORE)
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How does the hippocratic oath apply to medicine today?

Medical doctors are supposed to use their medical skills to help anyone, regardless of whether or not the patient can pay for their services. Most doctors probably still follo (MORE)

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