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Who built the Hippodrome in Constantinople currently Istanbul Turkey?

The first Hippodrome in today's Istanbul was built by the Roman emperor Septimius Severus in the beginning of the 3rd century as one of series of reconstructions in ancient By (MORE)

Where can you buy hippodrome cookies?

Nowhere. Salerno stopped making them many years ago. I have found some people are confusing Nabisco's "Marshmallow Cookies" with the Hippodrome. Some are even saying Hippodrom (MORE)

What is the difference between a hippodrome and an amphitheater?

Apparently, the "hippodrome" was used primarily for events that related to horses, such as horse racing and equestrian shows (perhaps including events like rodeos today.) The (MORE)

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What does London not have?

London is more for sight-seeing and being a tourist. There are lots  and lots of cafe's and restaurants as well, but there is not much  for teens. For children, there's a zo (MORE)